Application Fee

Registration Fee

Qualification Fee
Option 1

Payment in Full

Qualification Fee

Option 2
Monthly Payments

(BEd) Conversion Course - PGCE (LP)




$195.00 x 20

(PGCE) Postgraduate Certificate in Education




$195.00 x 10

(MEd) Master Degree in Education 




$195.00 x 18

BEd Conversion Course ( Grade R to BEd Lower Primary in 2 years)
PGCE - up to 12 months
MEd (Research) 18 months with an option to extend up to 24 months

Currency:  US $

Registered students shall receive the following;

At Graduation Graduands shall receive the following;

  • Graduation Letter

  • Azteca University Postgraduate Certificate in Education or Master of Education Degree certified by Notary Public (English & *Spanish)

  • Transcript

  • Graduate Publication on Ubuntu Varsity website (required) and Azteca University websites (optional)

  • DEd Dissertation and MEd Thesis uploaded to Ubuntu Varsity and Azteca University websites

  • Invitation to participate in graduation ceremony

*Qualification in Spanish | Legalisation package signed by Notary Public, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Official Legal Translation if needed endorsed by the Embassy of Mexico (additional fees for Legalisation package)

Indication in ZAR depending on exchange rate

Application Fee |  $75 - R1,123

Registration Fee  |  $475 - R7,109 

Enrolment Fee  $195 - R2,909(first of ten payment plan monthly fee)

Monthly Payment Plan Fee $195 - R2,909 (9 months for PGCE and 17 months for MEd)


BEd Conversion Course  ONCE OFF PAYMENT FOR THE TWO YEAR PROGRAMME  |  $3,500 - R50,132
PGCE ONCE OFF FEE  |  $1,750 - R26,189 

MEd ONCE OFF FEE    |  $2,750 - R41,154