College Students on Break

eCampus Orientation Week

Welcome to Ubuntu Varsity Teacher Education eCampus; this is the week that our students become familiar with EdNet, our online education platform.  All of our communication and qualification requirements are managed through EdNet.  Each student shall receive a username and password for access to their Head of Department, Tutor and Assessor - passwords may be changed after first login
Get to know Ubuntu Varsity Teacher Education eCampus online education platform, EdNet!!
  1. Login; every enrolled student should have received a username and password for EdNet Plus 
  2. View your profile, edit and /or change your password and set up your academic profile - your academic profile is there to support graduate employability; it is important and part of your academic requirement
  3. Go to contacts, invite your HoD, Lecturer, Tutor and Assessor to your contacts 
  4. Students are welcome to invite other contacts to their profile
  5. Students need to familiarise themselves with;
    1. Academic Profile
    2. Hubs - all your course details, material and communication shall be addressed and managed in Hubs
    3. Newsfeed​ (public and private)
    4. Chat - text, voice and video messaging and uploading of images, videos and documents 
    5. Groups
    6. Forums
    7. Fyi
    8. Sticky Notes
    9. Whiteboard
    10. Storyboard - your filing system for whiteboard 
    11. Calls - audio and video up to fifty (fifty) participants with screen sharing
    12. Students may set their privacy settings and my preference in settings
    13. As an EdNet Plus member, you automatically receive 160 minutes of talk-time which students may Top-Up at anytime, calling credit is revolving, it does not expire after a period of time, calling credit is only used if you make an audio and video call and is not used if you join an audio or video call
Once a student has enrolled, all further communication shall be managed on EdNet; your HoD, Tutor and Assessor will only use EdNet for communicating with you; EdNet is a safe end-to-end encrypted platform which does not permit 3rd party access of privacy data

EdNet Essential


Anyone may download and register on EdNet Essential 

EdNet Plus


to all Ubuntu Open Varsity Students

Usually $9.99 per annum

EdNet Pro


to all Ubuntu Open Varsity Academic  and Admin Staff

Usually $15.99 per annum

  1. All BEd and PGCE students must set-up a partnership with a school in their area where they shall complete their required teaching practice.  Teaching practice includes a minimum of twelve (12) weeks, four (4) of which must be consecutive.  It is preferred and highly recommended that our BEd and PGCE students find paid/volunteer teaching positions for the duration of the BEd and PGCE qualification
  2. BEd and PGCE students shall spend their first week of teaching practice observing and familiarising themselves with the sequence of events in their school and establishing professional relationships with academic and administrative staff
  3. BEd and PGCE students shall be required to set-up an arch level teaching practice file where all required forms, lesson plans, reflective accounts, supervisor assessments, teaching material, teaching aids and all other teaching practice related materials
  4. BEd and PGCE students, you shall be required to compile a video storyboard of teaching practice events; it is very important that students submit the request form to the school to complete this assignment, that the school informs the parents/guardians of the proposed video recording and that no face of any learner may be on the video; BEd and PGCE students may record the action, event(s) and hands of the learners but they may not identify the learner in anyway or the name or location of the school in their video storyboard
Teaching Practice - Portfolio of Work (PoW)